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How To Get More QR Code Scans: The Complete Guide

    Struggling to boost the number of QR code scans in your business? With a massive growth of 1200% in their scanning during recent years, QR codes have proven themselves as a marketing powerhouse.

    This article will walk you through comprehensive strategies and best practices that can significantly increase your QR code scans. Let’s ignite those scan numbers!

    Key Takeaways

    • QR code scans offer convenience, quick access to information, and enhanced customer engagement.
    • Promote the use of QR codes through marketing channels such as websites, social media, print advertising, signage, email marketing, and newsletters.
    • Provide incentives or rewards for scanning QR codes like discounts, coupons, exclusive content or event access to increase engagement and drive more scans.

    Benefits of QR Code Scans

    QR Code scans offer convenience and a contactless experience, quick access to information, as well as enhanced customer engagement.

    Convenience and Contactless Experience

    In the current landscape where health and safety are of utmost importance, QR codes offer a convenient solution. Offering touchless scanning capabilities, QR codes enable quick and efficient transactions that don’t require physical contact.

    This technology is instrumental in many establishments gaining preentry information about their visitors, enhancing the security measures within their operations. Furthermore, these little black-and-white squares open an all-digital doorway to comprehensive content like interactive menus or detailed product information with just a simple scan.

    The user-friendly nature of QR code technology simplifies access to data for all age groups and tech-savviness levels – making it a must-have tool in creating a seamless customer journey.

    Quick Access to Information

    QR codes masterfully streamline the process of information retrieval, making it swift and efficient. By simply scanning a QR code with their smartphones, consumers can directly access a wealth of details from digital menus to website navigation in mere seconds.

    This instant transfer of data makes these matrix patterns an ideal tool for businesses seeking to engage customers without any delay or friction.

    More than just speed, QR codes also offer versatility. They provide contactless transactions that are essential in today’s health-conscious world while enhancing security verification processes for safer online interactions.

    Meanwhile, they make product tracking simpler through smart packaging solutions, ensuring smooth inventory management for retailers. So whether you’re looking to enhance customer experience or optimize operational efficiency, quick access to information via QR codes is your reliable ally.

    Enhanced Customer Engagement

    Enhanced customer engagement forms a critical part of the benefits of QR code scans. This interactive mobile scanning technology facilitates seamless interaction between your brand and customers, providing an exceptional shopping experience.

    Notably, data-driven insights gathered from these interactions help businesses offer targeted promotions and deals that resonate with the audience.

    Moreover, QR codes prove useful in disseminating streamlined product information instantaneously. Once scanned, consumers get direct access to products and exclusive content like special coupons or offers.

    Such personalized marketing strategies significantly augment customer loyalty and increase sales conversion rates. As evidenced by a 35% growth rate in unique customers engaging with QR codes within only three quarters, this tool has indeed revolutionized customer engagement tactics for brands across industries.

    Promote the Use of QR Codes Through Marketing Channels

    Promote the use of QR codes through various marketing channels, including your website and social media platforms, print advertising and signage, as well as email marketing and newsletters.

    Website and Social Media Promotion

    QR codes can be effectively promoted through various marketing channels, including your website and social media platforms. By utilizing these channels, you can maximize the visibility and reach of your QR codes, increasing the chances of more scans and interactions. Here’s how you can promote QR codes on your website and social media:

    1. Place QR Codes on Your Website:
    • Create dedicated landing pages for specific promotions or offers and include QR codes that lead directly to those pages.
    • Add QR codes to your homepage or other high – traffic pages to encourage visitors to scan them for exclusive content or deals.
    • Incorporate QR codes in your blog posts or articles to provide additional information or resources.
    1. Utilize Social Media Platforms:
    • Share QR codes on your social media profiles with enticing captions that highlight the benefits of scanning them.
    • Use interactive marketing techniques by posting contests or giveaways where participants need to scan a QR code to enter.
    • Create visually appealing graphics featuring QR codes and share them as posts, stories, or in ads.
    1. Run Digital Campaigns:
    • Create targeted ad campaigns on social media platforms that display your QR code along with a compelling call to action.
    • Include QR codes in email marketing campaigns to drive engagement and encourage recipients to interact with your brand.
    1. Integrate Social Media Follow Buttons:
    1. Monitor Tracking Analytics:
    • Track the number of scans and user engagement generated through each channel, using analytics tools, to determine which methods are most effective.

    Print Advertising and Signage

    Print advertising and signage can be powerful tools for promoting the use of QR codes and increasing scan rates. Here are some strategies to maximize their effectiveness:

    1. Incorporate QR codes into your print advertisements and signage to provide an interactive element that engages your audience.
    2. Place QR codes on various marketing materials such as brochures, posters, clothing, and billboards to direct users to mobile landing pages with additional content.
    3. Use eye – catching designs and colors that grab attention and entice people to scan the QR code.
    4. Ensure that the QR code is clear, easily scannable, and includes a call-to-action prompting users to scan it.
    5. Provide clear instructions near the QR code on how to scan it, using simple step-by-step guides or visual examples.
    6. Include explanatory text or icons near the QR code that clearly communicate what the QR code offers and any required actions or prerequisites.
    7. Customize the design of the QR code by incorporating branding elements, colors, and images while ensuring that it remains scannable and functional.
    8. Utilize a reliable QR code generator from a reputable service that allows you to create dynamic and editable QR codes in multiple formats.

    Email Marketing and Newsletters

    Email marketing and newsletters are powerful channels for promoting the use of QR codes and increasing scans. Here are some effective strategies to incorporate QR codes into your email marketing campaigns:

    • Direct recipients to specific landing pages: Include QR codes in your emails that lead customers directly to a dedicated landing page related to the content of the email. This allows for quick access to relevant information without the need for searching or scrolling.
    • Offer exclusive discounts or promotions: Encourage recipients to scan the QR code by offering exclusive discounts, coupons, or special offers. This provides an incentive for engagement and can help drive conversions.
    • Showcase new products or services: Use QR codes in your newsletters to highlight new products or services. When scanned, the code can redirect customers to detailed product pages, videos, or demonstrations, enhancing their understanding and generating interest.
    • Collect feedback and reviews: Implement QR codes in customer feedback surveys embedded within your emails. This makes it easier for customers to provide their input by simply scanning the code instead of having to follow lengthy links or fill out forms manually.
    • Share event details: If you have upcoming events, such as webinars, workshops, or conferences, include QR codes in your email invitations. Scanning the code can automatically add the event details to their calendars or direct them to a registration page.

    Offer Incentives or Rewards for Scanning QR Codes

    By offering discounts, exclusive content, and loyalty rewards, you can motivate users to scan your QR codes and unlock exciting benefits. Discover how incentives can boost your QR code scans!

    Discounts, Coupons, or Special Offers

    QR codes offer a great opportunity to provide customers with discounts, coupons, or special offers. Take advantage of this feature to enhance customer engagement and drive more QR code scans by offering the following incentives:

    • Discounts: Offer exclusive discounts or percentage off on purchases for customers who scan your QR code. This can encourage immediate purchases and increase customer satisfaction.
    • Coupons: Provide digital coupons that can be easily redeemed through QR code scans. Customers can use these coupons during online checkout or in-store at the point of sale, making it convenient for them to avail of special offers.
    • Special Offers: Create limited-time offers or flash sales exclusively for QR code scanners. These special deals can create a sense of urgency and drive more people to scan your codes.
    • Loyalty Rewards: Use QR codes to reward loyal customers with points that can be redeemed for future purchases or special perks. This incentivizes repeat business and encourages customers to keep scanning your codes.
    • Exclusive Offers: Make your QR codes a gateway to exclusive content or events. Whether it’s early access to new products, VIP access to events, or behind-the-scenes content, giving customers something unique will make them more likely to scan your codes.

    Exclusive Access to Content or Events

    Offering exclusive access to content or events is a great way to incentivize people to scan QR codes. Here’s how you can do it:

    1. Provide early access: Give users who scan the QR code exclusive access to new product releases or event announcements before they are made available to the general public.
    2. VIP perks: Offer special privileges, such as reserved seating, backstage passes, or meet-and-greet opportunities at events for those who scan the QR code.
    3. Sneak peeks: Provide a sneak peek of upcoming content, whether it’s an article, video, or podcast episode, exclusively for QR code scanners.
    4. Limited-time offers: Create time-limited promotions or discounts that are only accessible through scanning the QR code. This creates a sense of urgency and encourages immediate action.
    5. Secret menus or hidden features: Hide additional options, menu items, or bonus features on your website or app that can only be unlocked by scanning the QR code.
    6. Exclusive content downloads: Offer downloadable content such as e-books, whitepapers, or exclusive music tracks that can only be accessed by scanning the QR code.
    7. Virtual experiences: Use AR and VR technology to provide unique virtual experiences that are only accessible through scanning the QR code.
    8. Interactive contests or giveaways: Run contests or giveaways exclusively for those who scan the QR code, giving them a chance to win special prizes or experiences.

    Loyalty Programs and Points Redemption

    Loyalty programs that incorporate QR codes offer a range of benefits for both businesses and customers. By incentivizing customer engagement through the scanning of QR codes, businesses can enhance customer loyalty and boost their overall sales. Here are some key points to consider when implementing loyalty programs with QR code scanning:

    1. Reward redemption through QR codes: Customers can easily redeem their earned points or rewards by simply scanning the QR code and clicking on the redeem button.
    2. Enhancing customer engagement with loyalty programs: QR codes provide a convenient and contactless way for customers to engage with loyalty programs, encouraging repeat purchases and building brand loyalty.
    3. Streamlining rewards redemption with QR codes: By using QR codes in loyalty programs, businesses can track consumer purchases and efficiently provide rewards such as points or discounts.
    4. Seamless purchasing through QR code scanning: Customers can make purchases directly from advertisements by scanning the QR code and entering their payment information, simplifying the buying process.
    5. Maximizing customer rewards with loyalty program apps: Loyalty program apps often utilize QR codes, enabling customers to log transactions and earn points for rewards while on-the-go.
    6. Customizable loyalty program incentives: Businesses have the flexibility to customize their loyalty program incentives to fit any budget, offering various reward structures to appeal to different customer segments.

    Optimize QR Code Placement and Visibility

    Strategically place QR codes in high-traffic areas to maximize visibility and increase the likelihood of scans.

    Strategic Placement in High-Traffic Areas

    Optimal placement of QR codes in heavily trafficked areas, such as bus stops, train stations, store entrances, and billboards, can greatly enhance their visibility and maximize the number of scans.

    By strategically positioning QR codes in these high-traffic locations, businesses increase the likelihood of attracting attention from potential customers and encouraging them to scan the code.

    This allows for greater engagement with the brand or access to valuable information. With more eyes on your QR codes, you have a higher chance of driving conversions and achieving your marketing goals.

    Use of Attractive and Eye-Catching Designs

    Eye-catching designs are essential when optimizing QR code placement and aiming to increase the number of scans. By incorporating visually appealing elements, such as attractive colors, creative frames, and logo integration, QR codes can grab attention and entice users to scan them.

    Studies have shown that visually appealing QR codes have a higher probability of being scanned compared to plain black-and-white designs. Experimenting with different design elements allows businesses to customize their QR codes and align them with their branding strategy.

    Moreover, dynamic QR codes offer the opportunity for even more creativity since they can be edited and changed over time. By harnessing the power of attractive designs, businesses can enhance their marketing potential and increase engagement through higher scan rates.

    Clear and Easy-to-Scan QR Codes

    To increase the number of QR code scans, it is crucial to have clear and easy-to-scan QR codes that users can quickly decipher. Poorly designed or low-resolution codes can frustrate users and discourage them from engaging with your content.

    Ensuring optimal scanability involves factors such as using high-quality images, avoiding excessive design elements that may obstruct the scanning process, and testing the readability of QR codes across different scanning devices.

    By prioritizing clarity and simplicity in your QR code designs, you can maximize their effectiveness in attracting more scans from your target audience.

    Provide Clear and Concise Instructions for Scanning

    To ensure maximum engagement with your QR codes, it is essential to provide clear and concise instructions for scanning.

    Simple Step-by-Step Guides

    Scanning QR codes may seem daunting at first, but with simple step-by-step guides, you’ll be able to do it effortlessly. Here’s how:

    1. Open the QR Code Scanner: Launch the QR code scanning feature on your smartphone. It can usually be found within your phone’s camera app or as a standalone scanning app.
    2. Position the QR Code: Hold your phone steady and position it so that the entire QR code is visible within the frame of your phone’s camera. Make sure there is enough lighting for clear visibility.
    3. Focus and Scan: Your phone will automatically detect the QR code and focus on it. Once focused, the scanner will scan the code, usually accompanied by a beep or vibration indicating a successful scan.
    4. Wait for Action: After scanning, wait for a moment as your phone processes the information embedded in the QR code. This could be a website link or any other action associated with the code.
    5. Take Action: Once processed, click on the prompt that appears on your screen to take action based on what the QR code offers. This could be opening a website, downloading an app, making a purchase, or accessing exclusive content.
    • Ensure your smartphone software is up to date to avoid any compatibility issues.
    • Make sure you have a stable internet connection for seamless processing.
    • Hold your phone steady and avoid shaking while scanning to prevent blurring.
    • If multiple options appear after scanning, choose the most relevant one based on what you are looking for.

    Visual Examples

    Visual examples are a powerful tool to provide clear and concise instructions for scanning QR codes. They help users understand the process easily and increase the likelihood of successful scans. Here are some ways to incorporate visual examples:

    1. Include screenshots: Show step-by-step screenshots of the scanning process on different mobile devices. This helps users visualize how to open their camera app and position the QR code within the frame.
    2. Use annotated images: Add annotations or arrows to highlight important elements in the visual example. This can include pointing out where the QR code should be placed on the screen and any additional instructions for a successful scan.
    3. Create video tutorials: Make short video tutorials demonstrating how to scan QR codes effectively. These videos can showcase different scenarios and provide practical tips for users.
    4. Design infographics: Create visually appealing infographics that outline the scanning process visually, from opening the camera app to capturing the QR code.
    5. Provide before-and-after examples: Show an image of a product label or brochure with a QR code, followed by an image of what users can expect after scanning it. This demonstrates the value and benefits of engaging with QR codes.

    Use of Clear Calls to Action

    Using clear calls to action is essential when incorporating QR codes into your marketing strategy. A call to action provides a concise instruction that motivates your audience to take a specific action, such as scanning the QR code.

    By using persuasive prompts and direct instructions, you can create user-friendly experiences and efficient customer interactions. By implementing compelling marketing strategies and customized QR code campaigns with attention-grabbing hooks, you can effectively appeal to your target audience and increase engagement.

    Remember that clear calls to action are crucial for driving sales and capturing the attention of potential customers, so make sure they are prominently displayed near your QR codes.

    Provide Essential Guidelines Near the QR Code

    When implementing QR codes, it’s crucial to provide essential guidelines near the code for a seamless scanning experience. Learn how to optimize visibility and enhance user interaction with your QR codes in this informative article.

    Keep reading to improve your QR code strategy and drive more scans!

    Explanatory Text or Icons

    Explanatory text or icons are essential in providing clear guidelines and instructions for scanning QR codes. They enhance the user experience and help users understand the purpose of the code. Here’s how to effectively use explanatory text or icons near QR codes:

    1. Include a short sentence or phrase: Begin by placing a concise sentence or phrase next to the QR code, such as “Scan for more information” or “Unlock exclusive content.”
    2. Use simple visuals: Alongside the text, include easily recognizable icons that represent scanning, such as a smartphone with a barcode or an arrow pointing towards the QR code.
    3. Highlight required actions: If there are specific prerequisites for scanning the QR code, mention them clearly with simple bullet points or icons. For example, if users need to have a specific app installed on their smartphones, include an icon of that app alongside a brief instruction like “Requires XYZ App.”
    4. Provide additional context: Use explanatory text to briefly explain what users can expect after scanning the QR code. For example, you could say “Discover product details” or “Access event schedule.”
    5. Clarify benefits: In one line, highlight the benefit that users will receive by scanning the QR code. This could be something like “Receive a 10% discount” or “Gain early access to new releases.”
    6. Emphasize convenience: Remind users how easy it is to scan QR codes by adding phrases like “Quickly scan with your smartphone” or “Effortlessly unlock information.”
    7. Ensure legibility: Use large and clear fonts for the explanatory text so that it’s easily readable even from a distance.
    8. Keep it concise: Remember to keep the text and icons minimalistic and avoid cluttering around the QR code.

    Information on What the QR Code Offers

    When scanning a QR code, it’s essential to provide clear and concise information on what the QR code offers. This ensures that users understand the value they will receive by scanning it.

    Whether it’s access to exclusive content or discounts on products, clearly stating the benefits helps to entice more scans. Additionally, including explanatory text or icons near the QR code can provide further guidance and context for users.

    By offering this valuable information upfront, businesses can increase their chances of attracting user attention and driving more QR code scans.

    Any Required Actions or Prerequisites

    Before scanning a QR code, it is important to be aware of any required actions or prerequisites. Some QR codes may require you to grant permission for certain actions, such as accessing your camera or location services.

    Additionally, verification steps may be necessary to ensure the security of your device and personal information. It’s also crucial to close your web browser if the QR code opens a new webpage, as this can help prevent potential risks and vulnerabilities.

    By following these simple guidelines, you can scan QR codes safely and enjoy their many benefits without any hassle or inconvenience.

    Customize the QR Code’s Design and Appearance

    Customizing the design and appearance of your QR Code allows you to incorporate branding elements, use attention-grabbing colors and images, while ensuring that the QR Code remains scannable and functional.

    Incorporate Branding Elements

    Customizing the design and appearance of QR codes is a powerful way to create brand recognition and enhance their visual appeal. By incorporating branding elements like company logos and colors, QR codes become more than just functional tools – they become an extension of your brand identity.

    Studies have shown that customized QR codes attract more scans and increase brand recall, as they stand out from generic black-and-white barcodes. With creative designs that integrate your logo or include unique shapes, you can capture the audience’s attention while maintaining code functionality.

    So don’t miss out on this opportunity to make your QR codes visually appealing and aligned with your marketing campaigns.

    Use Colors and Images to Grab Attention

    QR codes are a powerful tool for engaging customers and providing quick access to information. To ensure maximum scans, it’s important to make your QR code stand out visually. Adding colors and images can help grab attention and increase the chances of getting scanned.

    Colored QR codes not only draw more attention but also improve brand image and mobile campaign effectiveness. By incorporating your branding elements, such as logo integration or branded fonts, you can customize the appearance of the QR code to align with your company’s visual identity.

    This not only makes the QR code look more appealing but also enhances its overall impact in marketing promotion. So don’t be afraid to get creative with colors, graphics, and design elements – make sure your QR code captures attention right from the start!

    Ensure QR Code Still Scannable and Functional

    To ensure that your QR code remains scannable and functional, it is crucial to pay attention to its design and appearance. Customizing the QR code with branding elements, colors, and images can grab attention and make it more visually appealing.

    However, it is essential not to compromise its functionality in the process. By using a reputable and trustworthy QR code generator tool, you can create custom-designed QR codes that strike a balance between visual appeal and scannability.

    Following design rules for scannability and functionality will help guarantee that your QR code can be easily scanned by compatible devices without any issues. Don’t underestimate the importance of regularly updating the information stored in your QR codes using dynamic options for increased functionality.

    Use a Reliable QR Code Generator

    Choose a reputable and trustworthy QR Code generator to ensure your codes are dynamic, editable, and generated in multiple formats.

    Choose a Reputable and Trustworthy Service

    Using a reliable QR code generator is crucial for businesses looking to enhance their marketing efforts. A reputable and trustworthy service ensures that your QR codes are generated securely, with data encryption and limited access to personal information.

    This is particularly important for businesses with physical touchpoints, as it helps protect customer data and maintain privacy. While there are many free QR code generators available online, it’s essential to be cautious as they may lack the necessary security measures.

    By choosing a secure QR code generator like EpicBrander, you can have peace of mind knowing that your customers’ information is safe and secure. Don’t compromise on security when it comes to utilizing QR codes in your marketing strategy; choose a reputable and trustworthy service for optimal results.

    Ensure QR Codes Are Dynamic and Editable

    Dynamic and editable QR codes are an essential aspect of increasing QR code scans and engagement. Unlike static QR codes, dynamic ones allow for easy editing and tracking of scans.

    This means that you can update the information or webpage that the QR code leads to without having to change the actual code itself. With dynamic QR codes, you have the flexibility to redirect users to different content based on your campaign goals or marketing strategies.

    Additionally, these editable codes can store more information than traditional barcodes, making them ideal for sharing rich content with your audience. By using a reliable QR code generator like Beaconstac or Scanova, you can create customizable and trackable dynamic QR codes that enhance your marketing efforts and drive more scans.

    Generate QR Codes in Multiple Formats

    To generate QR Codes in multiple formats, it is crucial to use a reliable and trustworthy QR Code generator. These generators provide the flexibility to create QR Codes in various vector formats such as EPS, PDF, or SVG.

    By having the option to choose from different formats, businesses can ensure compatibility with their preferred design software or printing methods. Whether it’s for online menus, promotional materials, or product packaging, having the ability to generate QR Codes in multiple formats allows for seamless integration into various marketing channels.

    By utilizing a reputable QR Code generator that offers this feature, businesses can easily adapt their codes to suit their specific needs and enhance their overall marketing strategy.


    In conclusion, by following these best practices and implementing effective strategies, businesses can significantly increase their QR code scans. From promoting QR codes through various marketing channels to offering incentives for scanning, optimizing visibility and providing clear instructions, every step counts.

    Customizing QR codes and using reliable generators further enhance the overall user experience. With these tips in mind, businesses can drive more engagement and maximize the potential of QR codes in their marketing campaigns.

    So start boosting your QR code scans today!

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