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Scanning a QR code is second nature to most of us, but have you ever noticed a round one before? First invented by a Japanese company in 1994, the traditional square-shaped QR codes are now evolving into fashionable and eye-catching round formats.

This blog post will guide you through everything you need to know about round QR codes, from creating your own with online generators to maximizing their potential for marketing campaigns.

Stay tuned as we dive into this intriguing digital trend that’s reshaping the way we connect physical objects with the digital world!

Key Takeaways

  • Round QR codes are a visually appealing and unique design that grabs attention and increases the likelihood of being scanned.
  • They offer branding opportunities by allowing businesses to incorporate their logos and brand colors into the code itself, strengthening recognition and engagement with consumers.
  • Round QR codes can be placed in various locations without losing their scannability, making them versatile for marketing materials like posters, packaging, business cards, and more.

What is a Round QR Code and How Does it Work?

A round QR code, as the name suggests, is a variant of the traditional square-shaped Quick Response (QR) codes but with an appealing circular design. This reinvented shape not only adds visual interest but also makes them more likely to be scanned due to their distinctive look.

The working mechanism of round QR codes mirrors that of standard QR codes. They provide a seamless connection between physical and digital spaces through a simple scan using a smartphone camera or dedicated QR code scanner app.

Just like their rectangular counterparts, these circular codes can store information such as website URLs, contact details, text messages and more. As soon as you capture the image of the code with your device’s camera, it deciphers the embedded data and takes you directly to its source – whether it’s an online webpage or digital voucher.

Benefits of Using Round QR Codes

Round QR codes offer a unique and eye-catching design, providing branding opportunities and versatile placement options.

Unique and Eye-Catching Design

Round QR codes serve as a drastic departure from the traditional squares commonly seen. This unique form commands more attention when used in marketing materials, offering an aesthetic appeal that square alternatives often lack.

What truly sets these designs apart is their uncanny ability to catch the eye and lure curious potential customers into scanning.

Their creative design not only garners increased interest but also has become an innovative way to incorporate branding efforts. Round QR codes allow businesses to embed their logos into the code itself, thus heightening recognition for their brand while providing valuable information or offers directly linked with the scan.

Whether on a billboard or website, round QR codes create visually appealing and engaging elements enhancing overall attractiveness of any campaign or promotion they are part of.

Branding Opportunities

Incorporating round QR codes in marketing materials presents a unique opportunity for branding. Businesses can customize these scannable symbols to include their logo, brand colors and other design elements.

This not only ensures visibility but also reinforces brand identity every time a customer scans the code. The possibility of personalizing round QR codes goes beyond mere aesthetics; it also increases recognition, engagement and trust among consumers.

With this versatile tool, brands get to showcase their creativity while reaching out to their target audience in an interactive manner.

Versatile Placement Options

Round QR Codes offer versatile placement options that can enhance your marketing strategy. Unlike traditional square codes, round QR Codes can be placed in various locations without losing their scannability.

Whether it’s on posters, product packaging, business cards, or even clothing, these visually pleasing codes are designed to attract attention and engage customers. They can be seamlessly integrated into different surfaces and environments to promote your brand and provide easy access to information or special offers.

With the ability to customize them with logos and other design elements, round QR Codes allow for endless possibilities for showcasing your business in unique ways. So get creative and explore the diverse placement options that round QR Codes offer for maximum impact on your target audience.

How to Generate Round QR Codes

To generate round QR codes, simply use a round QR code generator and customize them with your preferred design elements, such as adding logos and brand colors. Read on to learn more about the creative uses of round QR codes in marketing.

Use a Round QR Code Generator

Creating round QR codes is easier than ever with the use of a round QR code generator. These online tools, such as QR TIGER and Beaconstac, allow users to generate unique and eye-catching circular QR codes without any design knowledge or technical skills.

With just a few simple steps, users can customize their round QR codes by adding logos and brand colors to enhance their branding efforts. Best of all, these generators are free to use, making it accessible for businesses of all sizes.

So whether you’re looking to promote your products or engage with customers, using a round QR code generator is an effective way to make your marketing materials stand out from the crowd.

Another popular option for creating circular QR codes is the QRCodeChimp platform. This user-friendly tool enables even those without design experience to easily create professional-looking round QR codes in just minutes.

With its customization options and versatility in placement, you can incorporate these stylish codes into various marketing collateral like packaging labels, business cards, brochures, and more.

Customization Options

Customization options for round QR codes provide users with the ability to create unique and eye-catching designs. With these options, colors, layouts, shapes, and patterns of the QR code can be tailored to align with branding or personal style.

Additionally, logos or icons can be added to further customize the look. By taking advantage of customization options, businesses and individuals can design QR codes that match their branding, stand out from competitors, and increase brand recall.

This flexibility allows for creative integration of round QR codes into marketing materials such as promotional items, packaging and labeling, business cards, brochures – providing endless possibilities to engage customers.

Adding Logos and Brand Colors

Customizing your round QR code with logos and brand colors is a great way to enhance your visual branding. By adding your logo, image, or icon to the center of the circular design, you can create a unique and eye-catching QR code that reflects your brand identity.

Additionally, incorporating your brand colors into the QR code’s background or elements further reinforces your visual branding. With free online tools like Adobe Express QR code maker, you can easily generate customized round QR codes that showcase your logo and brand colors effortlessly.

So go ahead and make a statement with personalized round QR codes for effective marketing campaigns!

Creative Uses of Round QR Codes in Marketing

Round QR codes offer endless creative possibilities for marketing campaigns. From promotional materials to packaging and business cards, round QR codes can be seamlessly integrated into various marketing materials to engage customers and enhance brand visibility.

Promotional Materials

QR codes are a valuable tool for promoting products and services through various materials. Whether it’s brochures, flyers, or business cards, incorporating QR codes can enhance the promotional experience.

By placing a QR code on printed materials, businesses can quickly share information with a wider audience of potential customers. With customized QR codes, companies can create visually appealing designs that catch the eye and pique curiosity.

This allows for effective mobile marketing and increased brand recognition when using promotional materials. Customized QR codes also provide the opportunity to integrate short branded links, further enhancing the impact of these marketing efforts.

In addition to traditional print materials, QR codes are also commonly found on packaging and labeling for products. They offer an easy way for consumers to access additional information about a product or service simply by scanning with their smartphone’s camera.

By utilizing this technology, businesses can engage users in a unique and interactive way while also building trust by providing useful content or exclusive offers through their promotional materials.

Example: A restaurant might include a QR code on their menu that leads customers to an online ordering system or provides nutritional information about each dish. This not only simplifies the ordering process but also gives customers more control over their dining experience.

Packaging and Labeling

QR codes can be a valuable addition to packaging and labeling, providing an interactive element for consumers. By scanning the round QR code on a product’s label or packaging, customers can access detailed information about the item, such as ingredients, nutritional facts, and usage instructions.

This allows brands to communicate directly with their target audience, enhancing transparency and building trust. Moreover, incorporating QR codes on packaging enables marketers to track consumer engagement and gather data for future marketing strategies.

With creative design options available for round QR codes, brands have the opportunity to make their products visually appealing while delivering additional value to their customers.

Business Cards and Brochures

Round QR codes can be a game-changer when it comes to business cards and brochures. By including these unique codes on your marketing materials, you can provide customers with a seamless way to access additional information about your products or services.

Not only does this make it easier for them to learn more about what you offer, but it also showcases your company’s technological prowess. With just a quick scan, customers can explore resourceful pages that provide promotions, product details, and relevant online resources.

Plus, incorporating round QR codes on business cards and brochures is an affordable and convenient way to engage with customers and boost social media followers.

Tracking Performance of Round QR Codes

Analyzing scan data and monitoring user engagement are essential for tracking the performance of round QR codes.

Analyzing Scan Data

Analyzing scan data is an essential part of understanding the effectiveness of your round QR code campaigns. By tracking the total number of scans and monitoring user engagement, you can gain valuable insights into how well your codes are performing.

Tools like Google Analytics allow you to not only see the overall number of scans but also identify unique users who have scanned the code. This data can help you assess the reach and impact of your marketing efforts, allowing you to make informed decisions for future campaigns.

With this information at hand, you can optimize your strategies and ensure that your round QR codes are generating meaningful results.

It’s worth noting that dynamic QR codes offer additional benefits in terms of tracking performance. These codes can be updated with new content even after they have been printed or distributed, making it easy to analyze their usage over time.

Monitoring User Engagement

Tracking the performance of round QR codes is essential to measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and promotional activities. With QR code tracking systems, you can monitor user engagement by analyzing scan data and obtaining valuable insights into how users interact with your QR codes.

These systems provide access to various metrics such as date and time of scans, location, mobile device used, and total scan count. By monitoring user engagement in real-time, you can respond quickly to campaign trends and optimize your QR code campaigns for better results.

Best Practices for Using Round QR Codes

Ensure that your round QR codes are easily scannable and readable by testing them on different devices and platforms.

Ensuring Scanability and Readability

To ensure that your round QR codes are scannable and readable, there are a few best practices to keep in mind. First, it’s important to have a “quiet zone” of about 15% of the whole QR code surrounding it.

This empty space helps prevent any interference with the scanning process. Additionally, using high-quality images when printing the QR codes is crucial for reliability and functionality.

Clear and sharp images will make them easier for users to scan successfully. Remember that the size of your QR code also affects its scannability, so choose the right dimensions based on where you plan to use it.

Testing on Different Devices and Platforms

Testing QR codes on different devices and platforms is essential to ensure their functionality and scannability. Each device may have its own scanning capabilities, so it is crucial to test QR codes on a range of devices to guarantee compatibility.

By conducting thorough testing, any issues or errors that arise when scanning the codes can be identified, allowing for necessary adjustments or improvements.

This testing process helps verify the scannability and readability of the QR codes, ensuring that they can be easily scanned by users. It also ensures that the codes work seamlessly across various platforms such as smartphones, tablets, and different operating systems.

Providing Clear Instructions for Scanning

To ensure successful use of round QR codes, it is important to provide clear instructions for scanning. Potential customers need to know how to access the QR code on their devices and launch the scanning app or feature.

Clear and easy-to-follow instructions should be given, such as “Open your smartphone camera and hover over the QR code,” or “Scan the QR code using a QR code reader app.” By providing these clear instructions, you can help users feel confident in navigating the process and encourage them to engage with your content or offers.

Regularly Updating and Refreshing QR Code Content

Regularly updating and refreshing QR code content is essential for effectively using round QR codes. Since QR codes are dynamic, they allow for easy information changes without altering the code itself.

This means that businesses can update their QR code content as frequently as needed, ensuring that customers always have access to the most current and relevant information. By regularly refreshing QR code content, businesses can maintain user engagement and provide valuable updates such as new products, promotions, or special offers.

Additionally, by analyzing scan data and monitoring user engagement with refreshed content, businesses can gain insights into customer behavior and preferences, allowing them to further optimize their marketing strategies.

Examples of Successful Round QR Code Campaigns

Restaurants have successfully used round QR codes on their menus to provide customers with easy access to online ordering and delivery options.

Restaurants and Menus

Restaurants have embraced QR code menus as a convenient and cost-effective solution for both customers and businesses. With the switch to QR code menus becoming a permanent change in the industry, diners can easily access menus by simply scanning a code with their smartphones.

This eliminates the need for physical menus, reducing printing costs and minimizing contact between staff and customers. In addition to displaying menu items, QR codes can also be used to showcase daily specials or limited-time promotions, allowing restaurants to engage and connect with diners in an innovative way.

The use of QR codes in restaurant marketing strategies has proven successful in enhancing customer experience while streamlining operations.

Art and Design Exhibitions

Art and design exhibitions provide an ideal platform for incorporating round QR codes into the visitor experience. These unique and eye-catching QR codes can be strategically placed within exhibits to offer additional information, interactive experiences, or even virtual tours.

By simply scanning the round QR code with their smartphones, visitors can access a wealth of content related to the artwork on display. This technology allows museums and galleries to enhance engagement with their audience while providing them with a deeper understanding of the artistic process and context behind each piece.

The use of round QR codes in art and design exhibitions has proven to be highly effective in promoting and sharing information, as well as creating memorable experiences for visitors.

Fashion and Retail Promotions

Fashion and retail promotions have revolutionized with the use of round QR codes. Many fashion brands, including luxury brands, are incorporating these eye-catching and unique codes to enhance their marketing efforts.

By placing round QR codes on promotional materials like posters, flyers, and ads, fashion retailers can easily direct customers to their online platforms or exclusive offers. Notable brands such as Coinbase, Adidas, and Louis Vuitton have successfully used round QR codes in their campaigns to engage shoppers and boost brand visibility.

With the ability to customize these codes with logos and brand colors, fashion retailers can create a seamless branding experience for their customers while driving traffic to their online stores or social media profiles.

Event Invitations and Tickets

QR codes are a convenient and creative way to manage event invitations and tickets. By incorporating QR codes into the design, event organizers can easily provide essential information to attendees.

The QR code can contain details such as the date, address, and venue location of the event. This allows guests to quickly access all the necessary information by simply scanning the code with their smartphones.

In addition, using QR codes on event badges or tickets helps ensure that attendees have valid entry passes, reducing the risk of unauthorized access. Overall, QR codes make it easier for both organizers and guests to handle event invitations and tickets efficiently.

Potential Challenges and Limitations of Round QR Codes

Round QR codes, while visually appealing and attention-grabbing, come with their own set of challenges and limitations. One potential challenge is that they may require more error-correction capabilities compared to traditional square-shaped QR codes.

This means that if the code gets damaged or distorted in any way, it can be difficult for scanners to accurately read the information embedded within.

Another limitation is the accuracy and reliability of QR code scanning, especially in terms of tracking location and proximity. While useful for providing access to information or promotions, round QR codes may not provide accurate data on where scans are happening or how close users are to a specific location.

Additionally, older devices with outdated software or poor camera quality might struggle to scan or recognize round QR codes properly. This could limit the accessibility for certain users who may not have access to newer smartphones or devices with advanced scanning capabilities.

Furthermore, overloading a round QR code with too much data can slow down scan times and make it challenging for users to quickly access the linked information. It’s important to strike a balance between making the design visually appealing and ensuring quick and efficient scanning functionality.

Despite these challenges, round QR codes have gained popularity due to their unique aesthetic appeal and branding opportunities. As technology continues to advance, we can expect improvements in error correction capabilities and increased compatibility across various devices.


In conclusion, round QR codes offer a unique and eye-catching design that grabs attention. They provide branding opportunities and can be placed in versatile locations. Generating round QR codes is easy with the help of online generators, and customization options allow for adding logos and brand colors.

By utilizing these creative marketing tools, businesses can track performance, analyze scan data, and monitor user engagement. Following best practices ensures scanability and readability while providing clear instructions for scanning.

Successful campaigns have used round QR codes on menus, packaging, business cards, event invitations, and more. While there may be some challenges or limitations to consider, round QR codes are an effective tool for connecting the physical world to the digital world.

Round QR Code FAQs

What is a round QR code?

A round QR code is a type of scannable barcode with information encoded in a circular design.

How can I create a round QR code?

You can create it using an online tool known as 'round qr code creator' or 'qr code generator round'.

Is generating a round QR code different from standard ones?

No, the process to generate text or URL into a Round QR Code follows similar steps to normal barcodes, just select the 'round' format on your chosen qr code generator.

Are there any benefits of having my QR codes in the shape of rounds?

Yes! Round shaped Qr codes are unique and visually appealing, this could help grab attention faster than traditional square shapes often used.

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