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Using QR Codes for Event Ticketing and Check-Ins

    Planning an event and need a seamless ticketing system? QR codes could be your solution. Fact is, these little barcodes can hold all the necessary information for access to an event, streamlining the whole process.

    This article will show you how to easily use QR codes for efficient ticketing check-ins at your events. Ready to make your next gathering organized and effortless? Let’s dive in!

    Key Takeaways

    • QR codes provide a seamless ticketing and check – in system for events, eliminating the need for physical tickets and lengthy registration processes.
    • Event organizers can send QR codes via email, allowing attendees to easily access their electronic tickets and streamline the check-in process.
    • Volunteers can efficiently check in guests by scanning their unique QR codes using smartphones or other mobile devices.
    • Scanning QR codes on mobile devices or paper ensures quick and accurate entry into events while providing personalized information and improving security.

    What is a QR Code?

    A QR code, short for Quick Response code, operates like a barcode. Thanks to advanced scanning technology, these unique codes provide rapid access to personalized information packed into a small design.

    They hold all key details necessary for event entry and can replace physical tickets altogether.

    Imagine attending an event without the hassle of keeping track of paper slips or going through lengthy registration processes! With a QR Code, you get swift check-in times and secure attendee details management at your fingertips.

    Each QR code contains encrypted data including individual attendee specifics, comprehensive event information, and even precise seat assignments in case of seated events. The digital age has indeed made managing event tickets significantly more convenient with these ingenious square-patterned marvels that pack so much punch!

    A man is using QR codes for event ticketing while talking to a woman on a cell phone.

    How to Use QR Code for Phone Numbers in Event Ticketing

    Implementing QR codes for phone numbers in event ticketing streamlines the process and enhances the attendee experience. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

    1. Generate a unique QR code for each event ticket: This links directly to the attendee’s phone number, ensuring a personalized and secure ticketing solution.
    2. Include these QR codes on digital or printed tickets: Attendees receive their unique QR code via email or physical copies.
    3. Equip check-in staff with a QR code scanner: For digital tickets, attendees show their phone screen with the QR code at the entrance; for physical tickets, they present their paper copy. The check-in team scans these codes using a smartphone scanner.
    4. Validate tickets instantly: Once scanned, the system confirms ticket validity swiftly, allowing for seamless check-ins.
    5. Use collected data wisely: Event organizers can utilize attendees’ phone numbers linked to QR codes for potential follow-up communications about future events.

    How Event Organizers Can Use QR Codes for Ticketing and Check-Ins

    Event organizers can simplify the ticketing and check-in process by sending QR codes via email, allowing volunteers to check in guests using QR codes, and scanning registrants’ QR codes with a mobile device camera.

    Read on to discover these efficient methods for enhancing your event experience.

    Send QR codes in event confirmation emails

    Digital confirmations have revolutionized the event attendance experience. Sending QR codes in event confirmation emails is an extremely efficient tool for both attendees and organizers.

    Attendees can easily access their electronic tickets and all necessary details about the event simply by scanning these codes with their mobile devices. This approach not only eliminates the need for physical tickets but also ensures a quick and smooth check-in process, enhancing overall event experiences.

    Moreover, it gives additional security as each code is unique, reducing the risk of ticket fraud considerably.

    Volunteers check in guests using QR codes

    Volunteers play a crucial role in event check-ins by using QR codes. With the help of the WildApricot for Admins app, volunteers can quickly and efficiently check in guests by scanning their unique QR codes.

    This eliminates the need for manual registration processes and ensures a smooth guest check-in experience. Attendees simply present their digital tickets with QR codes, which are scanned using smartphones or other mobile devices.

    By utilizing this technology, event organizers can streamline their operations and provide a seamless check-in process for attendees.

    Scan registrants’ QR code with the mobile device camera

    To check in attendees quickly and efficiently, event organizers can simply scan registrants’ QR codes using the camera on their mobile device. This eliminates the need for manual data entry and ensures real-time updates to attendee records. QR codes make it seamless to track attendance and provide a contactless check-in process for a smooth entry experience.

    Bonus: How to check in unpaid registrations

    To check in unpaid registrations at an event, event organizers can follow these steps:

    1. Use the event registration system to identify unpaid registrations.
    2. Assign each unpaid registrant a unique QR code.
    3. Provide instructions to the registrants on how to access and display their QR code.
    4. Set up self-check-in kiosks where attendees can scan their QR codes or enter their registration numbers.
    5. Train volunteers or staff on how to verify and check in unpaid registrations using the QR codes.
    6. Ensure that there is a clear process in place for handling any issues or discrepancies with unpaid registrations.

    Tips and Best Practices For Scanning QR Codes

    When scanning QR codes on mobile devices, make sure to hold the camera steady and in focus for accurate reading.

    On mobile

    Using QR codes on mobile devices offers several advantages for event ticketing and check-ins:

    1. Simplify the check – in process with smartphone scanning.
    2. Provide personalized information by accessing tickets through mobile QR codes.
    3. Save time with efficient and quick check – ins at events.
    4. Utilize mobile QR codes for event marketing and planning.
    5. Streamline registration, ticketing, attendee tracking, and recording check-ins and check-outs at events.

    On paper

    Using QR codes on paper for event ticketing and check-ins provides a convenient and efficient solution. Here are some tips and best practices for scanning QR codes on paper:

    • Hold your mobile device steady and position the camera directly over the QR code.
    • Ensure that there is adequate lighting to capture a clear image of the QR code.
    • Make sure the QR code is not distorted or damaged, as this may affect the scanning process.
    • Use a reliable QR code scanner app on your mobile device to ensure accurate scanning.
    • If multiple QR codes are present on a single piece of paper, scan them one at a time to avoid confusion.
    • Keep the paper flat and avoid any obstructions that may block the QR code from being scanned.

    Quick Start Guide for Using QR Codes for Ticketing & Check-Ins

    To get started with using QR codes for ticketing and check-ins, you can begin by sending the QR codes in event confirmation emails, checking in guests using QR codes, and even learning how to check in unpaid registrations.

    Sending QR codes in event confirmation emails

    Event organizers can simplify the check-in process for attendees by sending QR codes in event confirmation emails. These QR codes contain important information about the event and serve as digital tickets.

    Attendees have the option to either display their QR code on their smartphone or print a physical copy of the email containing the code. This makes it convenient for them to check in quickly and efficiently upon arrival at the event.

    Sending QR codes in confirmation emails also eliminates the need for physical tickets, reducing paper waste and improving overall efficiency.

    Checking in guests using QR codes

    Event organizers can streamline the check-in process by using QR codes to check in guests. Each ticket is assigned a unique QR code that can be easily scanned using a mobile device camera.

    This eliminates the need for manual registration and ticket validation, making the check-in process faster and more efficient. With QR codes, event organizers can easily access guest information and provide personalized tickets.

    By implementing this scanning technology, entry into events becomes streamlined, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience for both guests and staff.

    Bonus: How to check in unpaid registrations

    To streamline the check-in process for unpaid registrations, event organizers can follow these steps:

    1. Generate unique QR codes for unpaid registrants.
    2. Display a separate check – in area specifically for unpaid registrations.
    3. Have volunteers or staff members scan the QR code on the registration email or ticket confirmation to check in unpaid guests.
    4. Use the Event Tickets Plus app to easily track and manage unpaid registrations through QR code scanning.
    5. Ensure that all unpaid registrants have their QR codes scanned upon arrival to accurately monitor attendance and manage event capacity.

    Benefits of Using QR Codes for Event Ticketing & Check-Ins

    QR codes offer improved security, a more efficient check-in process, and increased visibility for events. Read on to discover how using QR codes can enhance your event ticketing and check-in experience.

    Improved security

    QR codes offer improved security for event ticketing and check-ins. Each QR code is unique and contains personalized information about the ticket holder and the event, ensuring secure authentication.

    The encrypted data within QR codes provides enhanced protection against fraud and tampering. With this tamperproof system in place, event organizers can have peace of mind knowing that only authorized individuals are granted access to the event.

    This personalized access not only enhances security but also streamlines the ticket validation process, resulting in an improved check-in experience for guests.

    More efficient and accurate check-in process

    Using QR codes for event ticketing and check-ins leads to a more efficient and accurate check-in process. With QR codes, event managers can streamline the ticket check-in process, speeding up the entry of attendees into the event.

    Each ticket has a unique QR code that can be easily scanned using a smartphone, eliminating the need for manual checking and reducing human error. This not only saves time but also ensures greater accuracy in tracking event attendees.

    With touchless check-in options available through QR codes, attendees can effortlessly enter events without the need for physical contact or paper tickets. Overall, utilizing QR codes improves efficiency and accuracy in the check-in process, enhancing the overall experience for both organizers and guests.

    Increased visibility and exposure for events

    Using QR codes for event ticketing and check-ins can significantly increase visibility and exposure for events. By incorporating QR codes into event marketing materials, organizers can enhance event promotion and attract a larger audience.

    These scannable codes allow potential attendees to quickly access information about the event, such as date, time, location, and ticket details. Moreover, when attendees share their QR codes on social media platforms or with friends via messaging apps, it helps spread the word about the event and increases its awareness among a wider audience.

    Ultimately, this increased visibility can lead to improved event attendance and boosted ticket sales.

    What You Need to Know Before Using QR Codes for Event Ticketing

    QR codes have become a popular and convenient way to handle event ticketing. However, before you jump on the bandwagon, there are a few important things you should know. Firstly, QR codes for event ticketing provide easy access to event information and details.

    Guests can simply scan the code with their mobile devices to view all the relevant information about the event, including venue location, date and time.

    Secondly, QR codes eliminate the risk of losing physical tickets. With electronic tickets stored on smartphones, attendees no longer need to worry about misplacing or forgetting their tickets at home.

    This not only saves them time and stress but also ensures that they can gain entry into the event without any hassle.

    Lastly, it’s crucial to understand that QR codes speed up the check-in process. Event organizers can easily scan attendees’ QR codes using their mobile devices or dedicated scanning equipment at entrance points.

    This helps streamline the check-in process and reduces waiting times for guests.

    By knowing these key facts before implementing QR codes for your event ticketing system, you’ll be able to provide a seamless experience for attendees while maximizing efficiency for your team as well.


    QR codes have revolutionized the way event ticketing and check-ins are managed. By using QR codes, event organizers can streamline the registration process and ensure smooth check-ins for attendees.

    With improved security, efficiency, and attendee tracking capabilities, QR codes offer a cost-effective solution that enhances the overall event experience.


    1. How do QR codes work for event ticketing and check-ins?

    QR codes are unique, scannable codes that contain information about the event ticket. Attendees can simply scan the QR code using their smartphone or a dedicated scanning device to validate their ticket and gain entry to the event.

    2. Can I use any QR code scanning app for event check-ins?

    Yes, you can use any QR code scanning app available on your smartphone to scan and validate your event ticket. There are plenty of free apps available in app stores that can easily read QR codes.

    3. What if I don’t have a smartphone to scan a QR code at an event?

    If you don’t have a smartphone capable of scanning QR codes, event organizers usually have dedicated devices or personnel equipped with scanners who can assist you in validating your ticket manually.

    4. Is it safe to use QR codes for event ticketing and check-ins?

    Yes, using QR codes for event ticketing and check-ins is considered safe as long as appropriate security measures are implemented by the organizers to prevent counterfeit tickets or unauthorized access.

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